Storage, restore, enjoy

A vintage or classic car, motorcycle or modern classic car is more than an object to be admired. It’s an experience to be enjoyed. We are making that experience easier and more rewarding.

Whether you are an enthusiast, an investor or a collector …

Whether your car is a racing Ferrari, a single seater, or a classic Fiat…

We will look after your car with care & attention at all times in our building with regular inspection and maintenance in order to keep your wheels in a “ready-to-go” state.

We offer full security and peace of mind in a CCTV & fully alarmed environment.
We offer secure transportation, valeting & detailing, MOT preparation on site with testing nearby; mechanical, bodywork & upholstery rectification work also nearby; and with specialist attention for famous marques not too far away.

We can prepare cars for rallies or races or just keep your vehicle safe until you need it.

We also offer more bespoke services such as hard-top storage

We look forward to welcoming your car to its alternative home!


The Heritage hub team has the expertise necessary to handle complex restorations, returning a car to its original form in terms of mechanics and bodywork.

Our service centres are also highly specialised and able to satisfy the owner of a classic cars in every way from ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to inspection and drafting of the preparatory documents for certification.

Detailing Services

Offering you complete Exterior and Interior Detailing Services

The goal is to not only clean, but also Guard your car from harmful elements and daily wear inside and out. The use of Quality products with Premium microfiber towels and wash mitts ensure Maximum Protection and Shine for your vehicle whether its your show car or how you take the Kids to school and practice!


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