Whether you are looking at buying your dream car or selling a classic or collector car, Heritage hub, may be the right solution for you

Heritage hub specialise in vehicles of unique individuality. If we don’t have it we can find it, even if your ideal car is not in the Italy.

Heritage hub provides consulting services on the field of buying and selling of classic cars. We provide all services connected with the purchase of a car in abroad and its transport to your home country.


History and originality are the two most important factors determining the value of a top-tier classic car. We help buyers, sellers and owners verify both.

Estimated collection, sport and prestige vehicles. Judicial expertise.

Your classic car in consignment

Each car is unique. Offering the car in the right manner to the right public at the right time is an art form we master.

It can take a lot of time to sell a classic car, sometimes months. Therefore, we suggest we take away the hassle of load of ads, phone calls, missed appointments and failed promises with interested people and sell your car for you.

Fast: From tomorrow your car can be placed in our showroom.

Safe: You know how and where your car is parked.

Carefree: The only thing you need to do is bring the car or have it picked by us.

Professional manner: Professionals working on selling your car.

International advertising and publicity: We will advertise your car internationally through various media.


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